We’re happy to announce that the long-awaited upgrades to our payment system are now live! One update comes in the form of verified payment methods, which affects you in two ways:

1. Withdrawing to PayPal – You’ll notice if you try to withdraw funds to PayPal, you’ll be asked to sign in to your PayPal account and opt in to the Billing Agreement. This takes just a few seconds and also gives you access to membership auto-renewal and one-click payments. Verify your PayPal account now – it’s quick and easy!

2. Identify Verified Employers – Look for the new “verified” icon on job postings to identify employers who have a verified payment method on file. Your invoices for these jobs will be automatically funded and paid! Get paid on time, every time with invoice auto-pay.

Learn about all of the payment system upgrades: Changes to How You Manage Money and Get Paid on Guru

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  1. Sam

    Thanks for the updates. However, I am a bit concerned because I placed a withdrawal request yesterday (Tuesday) and I am being told that my request will sail through on Friday. The last time I checked, all transactions placed a day before the 3 paydays we have per week were processed on the next available payday- Wednesday in my case. What happened?

    • Anna

      Hi Sam, I see you requested funds to be transferred to your PayPal account. We overhauled our payment system on Monday, including how we handle withdrawals, and there was a bug with the processing date. You should see the payment clear today. Sorry for the confusion!

  2. Robert Partain

    Good bye, Guru. Elance and Upwork are doing the same thing, namely holding provider’s money for days on end, calling it anyth8ing but what it is…wrong!

    I just had an invoice paid by a client that I have never had a problem with in terms of pay. Now, I have to wait 3-5 days for payment to get to my cash account, and then, I am sure, I would have to wait for one of the three processing days. Forget it!

    This was my last job for Guru.

    • Anna

      Hi Robert, I’m sorry to hear you are upset by these changes. We are not holding the money, but rather waiting until the funds actually do clear to update the status from “pending” to “paid”. You can request that your client fund their cash account or SafePay ahead of time so that there is no delay.

  3. Vasu

    I kept withdrawl early today and it says the processing day is on 19th which is next monday. Did guru.com change the pay days? 3 days a week itself is a very inconvenient process and now you are pushing it for every 5 days. Very dissappointed . Also the cash account is not showing the status of a transaction . Earlier it used to show

    With every update u are messing up the usability factors

    • Anna

      Hi Vasu, I’m sorry you’re feeling disappointed. There is currently a bug with the “processing date” that is shown on the site. The transfer should clear on the 16th (Friday), but if you have additional concerns please contact us.

      • Vasu

        But what about the transaction status Anna. It was showing earlier but it is not showing any transaction status now. Is this feature removed or is it a bug?

  4. Mtkhan

    Please add Skrill as a payment method as well. Paypal doesn’t support in various countries.

  5. supreet

    I transfer the money through wire transfer in India and its been more than 3 weeks,I did not receive the money.I message this issue to guru help desk but did not get any reply or help so far.

  6. mahbubul islam

    thanks a thousand for getting the privilege but as i know best the payment method “paypal” is not executable in our country(Bangladesh). So how can i use it? pls, describe about this system details. I am eager to know about this most reliable system. thanks a lot again. Mahbub

  7. Joe Greene

    When I did business with GURU a while ago, I received payments via my Payoneer account.

    Is that still possible?


  8. Priscilla King

    And how do we ensure that no Paypal passwords get into any transfer of information between Paypal and Guru? 🙁 This does not pass the sniff test.


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