Last week, we announced upcoming improvements to how you manage your work and get paid, including a more powerful agreement. Tell your employer what to expect from you and when to pay you. Explain exactly what you’ll be paid for, whether it’s each milestone completed or hours worked. If you have a team, you can list each team member’s rate and maximum hours per week.

Ensure you get paid on time by requiring a minimum SafePay balance to cover the upcoming milestone or work week. We’ll create invoices for you, so you can focus on your work. These invoices will be automatically paid on the due date as long as there are funds in SafePay.

New agreements will be available on Guru starting Jan. 8.

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  1. John Adriaan

    Hi Guru-ers!

    My biggest problem with the current Agreement mechanism is that it expects an end-date to be specified. I do a lot of short jobs (two or three days), but if I put an end-date of two/three days from today, sometimes the Employer doesn’t get around to approving the Agreement, or fulfilling the SafePay request, until after the end-date has been reached!

    Is there a way to specify “X days after SafePay has been funded”, or something, instead of an end-date?

    With thanks for your consideration,

    John Adriaan

  2. Anton

    It’s cool option i expected something like that. It could be awesome if the employers had an extra tool to compose more clear specifications on the project. I’m not about the technologues stack, i’m talking about how an employer sees functionality & behavior of a future product. Sometimes people don’t know how to express an idea.

  3. Stefanie

    Any way we can edit milestones? There doesn’t seem to be a way to do it? As an employer, sometimes certain pieces of the project need to be adjusted. As long as both parties can be able to agree to the new terms, I’m not sure why the system wouldn’t allow this?

    • Anna Bassham

      Stefanie, yes milestones are editable! You can ask your freelancer to edit the milestones on your agreement. Then you will have to approve the revised agreement for it to go into effect.


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