recurring billing

The new recurring billing feature is now live! You may start receiving quotes that are “fixed price” quotes but have recurring rules. All quotes are now converted to weekly amounts so you can compare quotes easily and see the cost to you, no matter the payment interval.

You have the ability to set up recurring payments for your jobs by setting a fixed amount to be paid weekly, every other week, monthly, or quarterly. In each agreement you and your freelancer can set up to four recurring payment rules, meaning for the same job, you can pay for various tasks at different intervals.

You will get an email and dashboard alert when the recurring invoice is ready to be paid, just as we have for milestone or time-based invoices. If you are set up with Autopay, or have a funded Safepay account, the invoice will be automatically paid.

Log in and check it out!

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  1. Ayato Sai

    I am working on weekly with my client. It’s the second weekly billing cycle. At first time, on Monday(July 24th, 2017) I got a notification that platform sent an invoice for weekly(July 17th – July 23rd) to client at UTC 00:30. But today, I am not getting any notification about the weekly payment. So I just made an invoice to client myself. But don’t suppose this is the right action as our contract arrangement is weekly and invoices are expected to be made automatically on weekly basis. Let me know how weekly works and what should i do in this situation.


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