While we haven’t changed our fees, we’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about all of our fees and our membership structure. We thought it would be useful to refresh everyone.


Posting a job is completely free! You pay a 2.5% handling fee when making payments on the site. This helps us cover the cost of credit card transactions.

If you use a bank account, check or wire transfer as a payment method, we kick back to you 3.5% in cash back. This money goes to your cash account and you can use it anytime. We take care of the handling fee and then some; you actually make 0.1% back on these transactions!


Registering an account and applying to jobs is free. When receiving payments on our site, you pay a job fee out of your earnings and that’s all we ask. Here’s a breakdown of our membership structure and the job fees associated with them:



View the entire membership chart here.

8.95% is the highest job fee we charge and you can reduce it further by upgrading your membership. We also give back 1% to Employers when they use a preferred payment method, which provides the greatest level of security for you.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about our fees and our membership structure in the comments section. We’ll be sure to answer them!

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  1. Rafael

    I think that the fee structure of Guru fairly fair. In comparison with what come up with on a competing site. Hundreds of thousands of disaffected freelancers (and probably millions) and also a lot of dissatisfied customers, because share of the burden will fall on their shoulders. . I hope that the Guru will take advantage of this situation and you already have a plan to divert part of clients and freelancers to you.
    Because avidity should be punished.
    Good luck.

  2. Chet Powell

    Is there a way to discetely let some Employers know that? They not all are like this, but some think that the Freelancers are just people sitting around, waiting to be discovered. When, in actuality, we pay, so that they don’t have to. I don’t mind paying them… As long as I get paid.

    Anyway, (segway back to the main issue :-))… I believe the fees are fair. Servers, employees, licenses… And an occasional lunch splurge costs money. 8.95%, and be able to work anywhere.. Train, plane, beach, or bedroom, without a tie? And say mean things to your computer, when a taskis stumping you? Worth it, to me.

  3. Constance Sohodski

    The membership chart link goes to a 404 not found.

  4. Lillie

    i transfer my paypal money to my bank account Aug 14 , 2019 they said it 3-5 days processing , but why they email me that my money i will see in August 22 , 2019 . Why it takes so long ?


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