More rewards for your payments

We’re making it even more rewarding to do business on Guru!

On October 12th your Loyalty Dollars will be converted to cold hard cash and added to your cash account. Use the dollars you earned however you want, whenever you want! 

You’ll also notice that all invoices include a 2.5% handling fee. This helps us pay the fees that PayPal and credit card companies charge us. These companies require us to charge everyone the same fee, regardless of payment method. We don’t want to pass this expense on to you if you pay by check, bank account or wire transfer, so we’re kicking that 2.5% back to you…plus an extra 1%. In other words, for each payment you make you will see 3.5% cash back credited to your cash account!

On the 5th we will also bump up your current Cash Account and SafePay balances by 2.5% because hey, you either already paid the fee or shouldn’t be paying the fee in the first place!

Going forward, you will earn cash back in place of Loyalty Dollars. Keep an eye out for this and other upcoming changes. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to post them below or to the Guru Answers community.

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  1. makeba norwood

    i have questions about payment to the guru…how do u get answers when i click on Help there no link for help…if my guru is paid per hour can u make payments or only when job is finished. How do u know how many hours they have actually worked on your project..i dont see any support if i have a issue with my guru


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