When working through Guru.com, you have the option of using either Guru Invoicing or SafePay for payment. Both payment services are free to Employers. For a risk-free guarantee, SafePay is the way to go.  Here are some tips on how to use SafePay.

SafePay is the safest method of transaction: When payments are managed through SafePay, Freelancers avoid unpaid invoices and Employers have peace of mind knowing that the Freelancer is not paid until the completed work is reviewed and approved by the Employer. On the off chance it is needed, SafePay users gain protection through Guru.com’s Dispute Resolution services.

Just follow four simple steps to use SafePay:

  1. Project Award
    The Employer awards the project to the Freelancer by clicking the “Award Project” button within the chosen Freelancer’s quote. Guru.com will ask that Freelancer to accept or decline the project, and we’ll notify the Employer via email as soon as the Freelancer makes a decision.
  2. Project Agreement
    The Freelancer creates and uploads an online Project Agreement. The Employer will be asked to approve or decline the agreement.
  3. SafePay Request
    The Freelancer creates a SafePay request in the agreed-upon amount. Guru.com will send the Employer an email prompting him or her to pay the amount to Guru.com.
  4. Work & Payment Approval
    Once the Freelancer completes the project work, the Employer reviews it to ensure it meets the terms of the Project Agreement. If satisfied, the Employer approves the work by approving payment to the Freelancer. Guru.com will pay the Freelancer (minus applicable transaction fees). Both parties then can leave feedback on each other. If the deliverables do not meet the terms of the Project Agreement, the Employer will not approve the work. Instead, he or she will ask the Freelancer to refund the payment. Guru.com will assist with Mediation and Arbitration services.

If work is approved but later determined to be insufficient or unacceptable, Guru.com’s dispute resolution department will not be able to assist.

Additional Tips
If you and an Employer or a Freelancer have worked together in the past, you may feel comfortable using Guru Invoicing. Only use invoicing when you know and fully trust the Freelancer. Always use SafePay for your first transaction with a new Freelancer.

The SafePay system is very flexible: Employers can choose to make one payment and approve all of the work at the end; make one payment and approve work in increments as the Freelancer reaches certain milestones; or make multiple payments and approve work in increments as the Freelancer reaches certain milestones.

You may stipulate in your project posting (Employers) or the work terms section of your profile (Freelancers) that you will only transact using SafePay. Never pay or receive payment outside of the Billing and Payment system. Direct payments are high risk transactions and are, therefore, a violation of Guru.com’s Terms of Service.

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Joe Wilson

Customer Experience


  1. Bev

    I really like Guru.com ~ because it ‘levels the playing field’ of finding Trustworthy Freelancers who deliver on their promises and putting money in SafePay/Escrow ~ assures them that they will be paid for their Services.

    My problem has been finding programmers who are ethical and can do the project within the timeline that we agree on. I’ve struggled with Indian companies who are unable to perform, even deliver a % of what they say they will do.

    Worse yet is I also find the guru.com website not user friendly. I have been struggling all day on how to put money into SafePay for a Freelancer. I have been calling Guru.com’s offices all day to get someone to help me ~ to no avail. You just get a recorded message that they are busy.
    Now I’m going to lose a day of work and lost business, and will have to try again tomorrow to see if I can get past a recorded voice message at guru.com.

    I don’t know how to get the money into a SafePay Account!!!

    Anyone out there know how?

    Call me!

  2. Irmgard Schippmann

    I am with Guru for some time now. I always use SafePay. It always works! My freelancer Valerie Woelk is happy and so am I.
    It shows in her work as an illustrator and in my stories…

    Thanks Guru.

  3. Mark Messina

    Where is SafePay’s website? I noticed their is no mention of their website on guru.com.
    Also which e-check can one choose to use? From? A bank? SafePay? Paypal?
    What is the common e-check method described, everybody should use?

    Let’s make it so we all can play by the same rules.

    guru.com should have better search results! I searched for safepay to find out more about them, but all I got back was everything but where their website is?

    Their website should be the first thing that pops up, when you do a search!

    GoodLuck guru.com
    Thanks for your support
    Marks Web Designs

    • Anna

      Hi Mark,

      SafePay is not a separate service, but rather it is our proprietary service. You can read all about it in the Help Center.

      E-check is simply an electronic check. Our E-check option is an option for those with U.S. based bank account. You can initiate using either your checking or savings account. Learn more here.

      PayPal also provides an option to pay with your bank account. However, that would not be an e-check transaction. That would be a PayPal transaction.

      I hope this helps!


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