You may have had trouble using SafePay since our site update on Jan. 8. We moved some things around and changed how a few things work – and we do believe it’s for the better! To help with the learning curve, here are answers to the most common SafePay questions we’ve received.

If you still need help, you can read about SafePay in the Help Center or contact us.

Q1: How has SafePay changed?

SafePay offers the same protection as before, but is now found in the work room of your job. You now have one SafePay per guru per job.

Q2: Where can I find SafePay?

  1. Click on the job title in the “Work Rooms” section of your dashboard.
  2. Click the SafePay icon underneath your guru’s screen name (3rd tab on the left).

On the SafePay tab you can view the funds you have set aside for a guru’s work on a given job. You have one SafePay per guru per job. Here’s what the SafePay page looks like:

SafePay Page Employer

Q3: How do I add funds to SafePay?

  1. Click your job title in the “Work Rooms” section of your dashboard.
  2. Click the SafePay icon underneath your guru’s screen name (3rd tab on the left).
  3. Click “Add Funds”
  4. Select an amount (min. $25.00) and then click “Add Funds”.
  5. Choose a payment method and follow the instructions to complete the process.

Once you add funds to SafePay, the funds are with us, not the guru. You are prepaying us for services, with the guarantee that you will have refund and dispute resolution options if something goes wrong.

Q4: How do I pay my freelancer?

Instead of paying a SafePay request, you now need to pay an invoice. When you are satisfied with your guru’s work and are ready to pay them, have your guru send an invoice. Make sure that your freelancer knows that they need to mark a milestone as 100% complete to send the appropriate type of invoice.

You can use either the funds in SafePay or another payment method to pay an invoice. Unpaid invoices will show up on your dashboard, so you can view and pay with one click:

SafePay View & Pay Dashboard Employer


Q5: Why can’t I use SafePay funds to pay an invoice?

If your guru sends you a miscellaneous invoice, and all SafePay funds have been secured for specific milestones or weeks, you won’t be able to pay with SafePay. You can delete the miscellaneous invoice and ask your guru to send a milestone or hourly invoice instead if you want to pay using SafePay funds. They will be able to send you a milestone or hourly invoice on or after the due date of the event as defined in the agreement.

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  1. Steven Hartwell

    This is the stupidest system I have ever seen! I deposited my money to pay a freelancer and I still cannot figure out how to pay them! They did the work and this is really making me lool bad! Bravo to you idiots at My money is gone and I am looking like a dead beat.

    • Anna

      Sorry to hear you feel that way. Sounds like you have funded SafePay. The reason your freelancer hasn’t received the funds is they haven’t yet invoiced you. You must pay the invoice in order for the funds to be paid to them. In the near future we’re building up our auto-invoicing and auto-payment options, so this shouldn’t be something you have to think about.

    • Lars Justinen

      I’m with you – I’ve used since 2007 over many projects and their site is actually becoming less intuitive. I don’t get it.

  2. Ryan

    The SafePay system behaves awkwardly. We funded the SafePay, we see charge on our credit card statement that the money went to Guru. When we want to pay freelancer’s invoice system says: You don’t have sufficient SafePay funds to cover the Payment Amount in full.

    We contacted over phone (left a voice message) and via contact form (twice). No respond.

    • Anna

      Ryan, what’s probably happened is your freelancer has sent you a miscellaneous invoice, which cannot be paid by SafePay funds that are already “allocated” to either a milestone or work week.You can delete the miscellaneous invoice and ask your guru to send a milestone or hourly invoice instead if you want to pay using SafePay funds. They can send you a milestone or hourly invoice on or after the due date of the event as defined in the agreement, or by marking the milestone as 100% complete. Hope this helps!

  3. Drew Brown

    Guru has always had the worst site navigation on the Internet. As a developer, I really wonder what they are thinking. I have often spent lots of time trying to find things on this site. I have no problems with any other site I use.

    This new Safepay change takes Guru’s site from bad . . . to worse.
    I wish they would hire anyone else to recode the site. Really.

  4. Ashley

    I noticed the same problem as Ryan posted up above, I funded a copy editing project through SafePay but when it was time to pay the invoice, my account said that I had no SafePay funds.

    Guru, time to fix this, it’s ridiculous that your employers are paying double for your issues!!!

    • Anna

      Ashley, check out my response to Ryan’s post. Ask your freelancer to send you a milestone or hourly invoice per your agreement, and you will be able to use your SafePay funds. In the near future, we’re making this much easier by providing auto-invoicing and auto-payment of invoices, so you won’t have to think about this.

  5. Justin L

    This safepay system is so unnecessarily confusing. I funded safepay with the appropriate amount, it was taken from my credit card, and yet the funds aren’t there when it’s time to pay? What the heck? I’m sticking to just paying with my credit card. It seems safer than “safepay”.

  6. Rebecca Stephens

    This system leaves the employer completely vulnerable. If the freelancer has not finished the job, they are still automatically paid! I am fighting a case with a freelancer who has completely ripped us off! SafePay enabled this! Am not happy at all with the service!

  7. jason

    I was not aware of of this change in the payment system of safepay. I just paid $2500 through safepay for misc. invoice which had invoices that were not yet completed. The developer is not responding. Your new process has become totally confusing and you should have had a popup notification in payment invoices to alert your customers. I can tell you that I will plan to dispute the creditcard charges if you will not rectify this and I will move all my business to Elance and other freelance sites.

    Please contact me

  8. June Saunders

    The new system is incredibly user unfriendly.

    It’s ridiculous.

    I’ve noticed that Guru doesn’t take feedback well, though. They just keep defending their system. It doesn’t matter how many employers and freelancers are frustrated; they just keep saying it’s a better system and insisting that everyone adjust to the steep learning curve they’ve invented, interrupting commerce.

  9. Byron Guy

    I would like to offer my services to Guru free of charge. In my day job I’m a technology instructor with a Masters Degree, and I see the same frustration and anger in my classroom when processes are not comprehended.

    One simple solution for your business would be to display a simple, step-by-step flow chart that explains the process graphically. I know this would help me, because in spite of my education and experience – I’m lost!

    I funded my Safepay on the 18th of Feb, and I was given a message that my PAYPAL money deposit would take 3-5 days before it was available. Now today, a couple of days later, on the 20th of February, I have a message saying that I should check back on the 25th of February. That’s five more days.

    I genuinely thought that I was putting money into an account so that there would be no delay. Your site says to pay into Safepay to avoid delays which I did – in the workroom. I suspect that somehow I didn’t follow the process correctly.

    Is there supposed to be a central safe pay account, where I am supposed to deposit my PAYPAL money that sits for a time until it is deemed usable, after which I can fund my work room without delay?

    I’m totally confused and would like to avoid any future embarrassing situations such as the one I find myself in now.

    I’d appreciate any help.

    • Anna

      Hi Byron,

      We appreciate your feedback, thank you. And we’re sorry you had trouble with SafePay. We hear your suggestion and will work on a better way to indicate the current status on the SafePay tab in the work room.

      As for your specific situation, it looks like the funds just cleared PayPal and are in your SafePay. When you fund SafePay using PayPal, and your default payment method in PayPal is a debit card, PayPal has to verify the funds are in your bank account before crediting the funds to SafePay. This is why you experienced a delay. In the future, if you want to avoid this you can add a credit card as a payment method in PayPal, or add the funds directly to your PayPal account.

      The way SafePay works on is you have one SafePay per guru you hire, per job. You fund each SafePay individually according to your agreement to cover a guru’s work on a job. So, you do not have one central SafePay account. This is why SafePay is now found in the work room.

      I hope this helps clear things up for you! Let me know if you have any additional questions.

  10. jay

    This safepay thing is driving me crazy – I have $125 cash amount for $300 job – I added $175 into safe pay – I physically pay invoice of $125 to freelancer on march 24 but I hav no idea how the freelancer got the other $175 on march 17 when I’m not even close to a computer and my last log in was Feb 3 – this is weird

    • Anna

      Jay, it looks like the SafePay balance of $175 was paid on March 24 in addition to your manual payment of $125. This is because the total amount due was $300, and you had a milestone agreement with the freelancer. When you fund SafePay, the invoice will automatically be paid within 7 days of the due date unless you dispute the invoice. In the future, if you need more time to review the work before paying the full amount, you can extend the Auto-Pay date. I hope this helps clarify things!

  11. APNS

    My guru refunded the safepay fund but I can’t find the money to use and pay another guru. It wasn’t sent to my bank account I double-checked. Where is the money and how can I access it to pay other gurus?

  12. jinni

    anyone used safe pay lately? Was reading the thread above with some concerns.. can anyone tell me if they are having better results now from using safepay? as my freelancer has no job on record with guru and I wanted therefore use safe pay with them

  13. carolyn

    How do I make progress payments if the invoice has to be marked 100%?

  14. Guilherme

    Is there any report that shows me all the payments I’ve made to all freelancers? I thought it would be the History tab of the Payments box, but mine is empty although I’ve made some payments.


  15. Travis

    Alright, I managed to use daftpay to pay my freelancer his money but there is still money in the account and now I want to apply that towards another job. How do I pay someone else with the money I have left in the account?

  16. Sina

    After create mileston when I want pay, there is a notification:
    “Invoices for the milestones outlined in this agreement will be automatically paid after 7 days if sent on or after the milestone’s due date. The first milestone is due Jan 18, 2017”
    It means that if before finish work mile stone will be payed automatically …
    I want pay when the work finish, not before …
    What can I do?
    Please help me …
    Thank you

  17. Phyllis

    I set up safepay using my credit card and have a milestone agreement with a date that ended yesterday, but no invoice has come through from the guru and the work is not complete. When I look in safepay right now, it says there is nothing in there. What’s going on?


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