Team Members skill tests

It’s helpful to talk about your team’s expertise on your profile, but words can only go so far. Show Employers that you and your team are competent in the services you provide by showcasing your team’s skill test scores. With the release of new Guru profiles, you can choose to display any test results your team members have published. Showing these scores on your profile can boost the Employer’s confidence in hiring your team!

Next week, we’ll provide detailed information about how your current profile data will be transferred to your new profile. Stay tuned!

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    • Anna

      Hi Thomas,
      You can access the skills tests by navigating to Profile Settings (in the header toolbar) and clicking Manage Skill Tests. There you can choose skill tests to take.

  1. John Austin

    I haven’t used Guru in a very long time and have been frustrated by the projects offered on certain other sites. (In one case, I was able to identify the Course, University and Professor associated with the homework being advertised as a legitimate project.) As I was preparing my profile, I found and took several of the tests that I knew I’d do well on (88th to 97th percentiles). My question is: Is there any measured benefit to taking these tests? Are employers given an opportunity to screen candidates by test scores, out of the blue? Are the tests only useful to show your aptitudes (that you had better back up with results) or will they be used by employers to screen people in or out?


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