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On Sunday, December 16, between 7:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. EST, our system will be down for maintenance. Please return at a later time to complete your transactions.

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  1. Andrew

    Why, why, why you change again an interface???
    Now it’s much worst for me!!!
    Was really cool feature for each project with 3 tabs: description, bids and my proposal.
    Now i see only project description, a lot icons of freelancers, no freelancer ratings, not MUCH WORST then before!
    I’m a member since 2008 and it’s was my favorite freelance site, but this year you did a lot of useless updates and i’m very disappointed of this service, sorry but it looks like your creative team just got their diplomas and come with new ideas but they have never worked as freelancers on this site.
    Lately i’m following different freelance sites and for my opinion the best marketplace for today.
    I can’t understand what is happening with my favorite guru service today and from update to update it become more unfriendly!
    I have had a vendor account that expired this month and i’m not going to buy an update until you bring back friendly interface, this is my protest against the stupid updates!
    I really hope that this site very soon will be back to the #1 of my list of favorite freelance sites, but unfortunately for now it worst.


    • Stacy

      Thank you for your feedback, Andrew. I’m sorry you don’t like the changes. So far, the feedback has been mostly positive (minus the bugs uncovered). It’s not likely we’re going to revert back to the old design. I’m truly sorry if that causes you to leave us. We’re open to any other suggestions. Please feel free to post them here or on Answers. Thanks again for the feedback.

  2. Rick

    I agree with Andrew. This is worst upgrade to date. I the layout is all over the place and things are more difficult than ever to find. In my opinion… change it back!

  3. Hireafreeelancer

    Hello Guru Team.

    I have found one issue on this new bidding formula. When click on the Arrow buttons.

    it will move to next project and it happening when i am bidding on the project. It really making me so boaring. It consume my time. Please please please check and make this work,

    Urgent ..


      • Andrew

        I want to change my exist bid according to the last agreement with employer, how can i do it?
        I see my proposal but there isn’t any button “Edit bid”
        Fix it asap!

  4. June Saunders

    Dear Guru,

    I agree with Andrew and Rick. This is not an “upgrade.” As a freelancer always “working to get work” in addition to doing the work that I get, I don’t have time to go through a learning curve every time Guru decides to “upgrade”. Sometimes their upgrades are an improvement; most of the time the improvement is negligible in relation to the time it takes to relearn everything, and this new one is downright awful. It’s insulting, to tell you the truth. The cutsey little icons, the reminder that your profile will be shown “So make it nice!” as if we professionals didn’t know that already–and numerous horrific bugs that make proposals actually scary to do, because you have no idea what is going to the employer and you can only correct it once.

    Each proposal that I have written has shown up in the editing box with spacing issues all over the place. The system does not seem to recognize line breaks. It makes me look like an editorial incompetent. For another, I can only edit my proposal once and the system just sends it (after presenting me with a facsimile of my proposal that I wouldn’t send to anyone).

    It’s awful. It’s insulting. It’s arduous. It’s ineffective.

    Guru does such a great job in so many ways–whoever thought this was an “upgrade” obviously has no idea what it is like to propose and bid on projects.



  5. June Saunders

    I have one more complaint about the “upgrade”. The option to “Update” your proposal actually sends it the second time you press it.

    By definition, updating something does NOT mean sending it immediately. It means working on it more.

    I would like to be given the option to send my proposal when I am ready, not when the system decides to.

    It’s totally user-unfriendly and it insults our intelligence by deciding when our proposals are ready to go (you get one “Update” and then “Update” means send–but you are not told this until after the fact!).

  6. Andrew

    I don’t know what is your policy right now with all this “updates”, but may be there is a sense to take attention to the freelancers opinion who make money for you?

    For example Adobe and other companies have a “list of wishes” where all users can share their ideas how to improve products, but you just change things that we are used to and don’t take attention to our opinion.


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