The new freelancer profiles will be released on February 1, but that’s not all! We’re also making proposals work harder for you. Show your strengths and stand out from the crowd! Here are some tips for submitting proposals using your new profile.

1. Complete your profile.

The first thing an Employer is likely to do while reviewing your proposal is to visit your profile. Include information about your company and services, create Work Collections, and add personal touches to make a great first impression.

Be sure you’ve tagged all of your services and Work Collections with relevant skills! Skills that match those in the job posting will appear to the Employer as links that lead to your related services and work.

2. Make sure you can apply.

You can apply to any job in any category, however there are a few things you need to do before jumping in.
You need to have at least one service in the job’s category.
You need to have at least one skill on your profile that matches the job’s skill requirements.

3. Submit a detailed proposal.

Write a winning project proposal using the tips in the Help Center and examples on our blog.

Your new profile will be live and viewable by Employers next week, so make sure it’s ready for its debut! Looking for some profile inspiration? Follow our New Freelancer Profiles Pinterest board.

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  1. Debe

    Totally lost here – why can I only update my Guru profile but not my Guru Vendor profile?

  2. Manas

    It was something new which must every professional deserve from guru now the time i think almost end and back with new future .


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