Happy New Year from Guru.com

Stay tuned. 2013 will bring improvements like you never imagined!

We want to thank you for your business in 2012. We’re glad the Mayans were wrong and we’ll all be together to usher in a new Guru era in 2013.

Our new era is credited solely to the feedback of users like you. 2013 will bring you multi-user accounts and profiles that will reset the bar for the entire industry.

We look forward to working and growing with you in this new year and beyond. Best wishes for a safe and happy New Year!

The Guru.com office will be closed December 24 – 25 & December 31 – January 1. All payments will be processed on Wednesday, December 26 and Wednesday, January 2. Please do not make payments from your bank account to third parties until you confirm receipt of your payment.

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  1. Irmgard Schippmann

    Hi there,
    as a new member of Guru.com,I would like to thank you all for the great support you have given me, also the incredible profiles of gifted illustrators you have sent me, to find an artist, Valerie Woelk,also a big thank you to Joe, who was always a very good listener on the phone when I needed a helping hand.
    I wish you all a very happy and successful NEW YEAR 2013.
    Irmgard Schippmann and husband Kurt.

  2. Dave

    Happy holidays, when in the new year will you bring multi-user accounts? because I haven’t used my GURU account for the past 4 months because of lack of this feature, as I’m planning to give different permissions to my staffs.


  3. Irmgard Schippmann

    Hello Guru,
    I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a bright looking NEW Year 2014.

  4. Irmgard Schippmann

    Thank you very much working together to make my books red-able, exciting and loving my books. I am looking forward with great pleasure to make it a success.

    I wish you all a very happy 2015!
    Irmgard Schippmann


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