Based on recommendations from Microsoft and Amazon, we made some changes to our systems at approximately 10:00 a.m this morning. For over 6 hours now, our systems have performed without an incident. There are still a couple of issues we are watching closely. As and when we learn more, appropriate action will be taken. Overall, I am happy to report that our systems are now stable. Your patience and words of encouragement through these stressful hours have been invaluable.

Thanks to your support, we now have the platform to take the service to new highs.

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  1. Jade1970

    Still not receiving emails for recent invoices and receipts.
    Checked preferences, no different – still set to send
    me any and all emails for anything regarding projects.
    Hoping it will get straightened out soon.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.

    • Stacy

      Happy belated Valentine’s Day! We are aware of the issue with invoice receipts. It seems to only be a problem when the Employer pays via PayPal. If it’s happening for you (or, I should say not happening) when the Employer is paying by a different method, please contact us as soon as possible.

  2. Michael

    Just a thought for easy memory of these great values . . . “T.R.A.I.T.” Even your order has some elements of building. Starting with Tolerance, you build up the “ladder of work relationships” to Trust. Without the others intact, TRUST would be impossible to achieve or even maintain . . . .
    T rust
    R espect
    A ccountability
    I ntegrity
    T olerance


    Michael . . . .

    • Anna

      Yes, I noticed that shortly after posting this blog. 🙂 It’s a great way to remember the core values! And I love how you describe the “ladder of work relationships” – thanks!


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