In our upcoming release we’re making the SafePay system even more flexible. Starting August 7th you can ask your guru to increase or decrease the amount due for SafePay at any time, even if it differs from what’s in your agreement.

As always you will also have the choice to add funds to SafePay at any time.

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  1. Irene D Wet

    Hi Anna

    I accepted a position (job number 1280828) and started work on the 12 September and did not realize that I had to let Guru know. I know have to invoice my employer (It is and on-going position). The invoice template does not allow me to block out the whole hour of the day). Can you assist please?

    Best Regards
    Irene de Wet

    • Anna Bassham

      Hi Irene, you can break the job down on your invoices/in your agreement by hourly rate based on the amount you make, or bill per-“project”. Though we do not allow full-time jobs to be done on Guru.


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