We’re making it easier for you to view and apply to the projects that you want to work on.

On December 16, you’ll be able to surf projects and apply without leaving the page.

Check out the new cleaner, simpler interface.
The “Apply now” button shows for open projects you are eligible for.

Apply on Guru.com


View project details and write your proposal at the same time.
Multitasking at its best!

New, select “Make a placeholder bid” if you don’t have enough details to bid a dollar amount.
Remember, Employers prefer proposals with dollar-amount bids!

apply to projects

 Easily upgrade your proposal to “Premium”
Glam up your proposal. Make it stand out to Employers! (Guru & Guru Vendor members only.)

Watch for the improved view project and submit proposal page starting December 16.

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  1. Genero Novus

    Good thinking :O)
    I had to open two windows at least in the past to be able to read the job details while writing an application.
    Another idea for guru admin: A prominent ‘DASHBOARD’ button that is always up on top of the page while we are logged into guru.
    Thanks for the good work :o)

  2. Sam

    This is a really nice and intuitive design. Wish to see a place where the employer and the employee could do an online chat on Guru itself. The employer could ask questions to the employee and vice versa.

    The agreement could then be defined and then both the parties are good to go. Could help in potentially reducing the Project open-to-selection cycle.

    Thanks once again for this fantastic update. Looking forward for the new layout.

  3. Hireafreeelancer

    Really Nice and much needed change. As we need to always do alt + tab to view project details now, we can place more bids in few time, Sorry to say but it is inspire by another competitor 😉

    Thanks Guru team for this very good step for freelancer !!!!

  4. Shiwani

    Great – changes make a lot of sense….I also agree with ‘Genero Novus’.
    Navigation is tough with the dashboard link right at the bottom

  5. WritingFount

    Great idea! This new streamlined interface is going to make it so much easier to submit bids. Nice. Thanks you, Guru.com.

  6. chris more

    that will be a great improvement and a marvelous service to us. thanks a lot.

  7. Lauren

    Genero Novus and Shiwani – You can easily navigate to the dashboard by clicking on the Guru logo in the top left of the navigation.

  8. Jessica Hinckle


    First of all, I really love the new layout launched today. It’s beautiful and very functional. However, I do have one small issue to raise.

    Before, whenever I would view a project open for bidding and then would hit “Back to Search”, it would highlight that project as having been viewed. Now, it still does this, but it doesn’t stay highlighted if I navigate away from the Guru website, or even go into my dashboard. When I come back to the Search Projects area, everything appears as if I haven’t viewed any of the projects. This makes it difficult for me to know what I’ve already looked at, what I haven’t, and I found that feature very useful every morning when I came into the office and pulled up Guru to see what projects have gone up since the previous evening. It basically created a bookmark for me.

    If there’s some way that we could get a “Mark As Read” feature, that would really be ideal! Or, if those projects we’ve already viewed can stay highlighted. That would help as well.


    Jessica Hinckle

    • Jason

      Jessica – Good afternoon! The ability to easily identify previously viewed projects is on our list of post-release items in need of correction. We’ve received similar feedback from other Freelancers along this line. Thanks for the feedback!!

  9. Waqas Ahmed

    the pagination is not working right in projects search page. when you click only one project shows up instead of 20 as it was before.

    • Jason

      Hello Waqas – Thanks for reaching out. Can you check to see if you have any other filters or settings applied when searching for projects? Also, please confirm the URL of the page you are working from. I tested pagination on the Search for Projects page using the default search settings, and am seeing results of 20 displayed each time. Thanks! — UPDATE: Waqas, it appears that you are on to something here. Our development team has observed this issue intermittently, however it has been difficult to reproduce through testing. If you are able to produce this result at will, please contact us directly with the steps you followed to produce the problem. Thanks!


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