Effective April 26, Guru will no longer facilitate withdrawal of funds via paper checks.

  • Guru will still accept payments by check
  • Users can still transfer funds out of their Guru cash account by direct deposit (U.S. bank accounts only), PayPal, prepaid MasterCard and wire transfer (non-U.S. bank accounts only).

Guru - no more paper checks

Why we will no longer facilitate withdrawals via paper check?

Two reasons. 1. Only a handful of users (less than 2%) withdraw funds out of their Guru cash account by check. Most users are using electronic methods to withdraw funds  2. Electronic withdrawals are much faster and more reliable.

If you haven’t already registered and confirmed an alternative method for fund withdrawal, please do so at your earliest convenience. To learn more about alternative methods for fund withdrawals, please select from the links listed below.




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  1. Tina Sostaric

    Dear Guru crew who run this place.
    I am one of those so called people who use the paper check method for withdraws.
    I just read the disappointing announcement regarding the discontinued of the paper check method.
    I am very disappointed with this notion since this is my preferred way of obtaining my pay since I do not fully trust getting e-paid in that manner despite the best online security.
    I really hope you guys reconsider this and bring back this option. Quite frankly too many things are being taken away from “we the people” and in the end “we the people” suffer.
    I understand that its convenient to be modern and so called efficient but there are things that should be left alone.
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix.
    Thank you.

  2. Concerned Pro

    Today is 07 April 2014 and an employer just informed me that instead of escrowing funds digitally online, she mailed a paper check through the US Postal Service to the Guru offices. Does your “Guru will still accept payments by check” statement mean you will accept and process her physical paper check so I can get paid? Thank you in advance.


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