Over the past week we’ve been posting freelancer work we love to Facebook. Employers and freelancers alike have also been sharing Work Collections that inspire them, and we invite you to join in!

Show Us: What Work Do You Love?

  1. Search freelance services and find work you love.
  2. Paste the URLs to your favorites onto our Facebook page, and tell us why you love the work. If you want, share an image from the Work Collection by downloading it and then uploading it to Facebook.
  3. Click “THIS IS NICE!” and comment at the bottom of Work Collections as you browse on Guru.com.

Tips on Work Collections:

  • Hiring? Search for the service you need. View attached Work Collections to get a feel for the kind of work you can expect from a given freelancer.
  • Freelancing? Add more work to your portfolio! The more Work Collections you create, the stronger your profile becomes. Try creating one Work Collection for each past project you’ve completed.
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