That’s right – today we’re introducing Guru’s new “Work Your Way” podcast show. This podcast is dedicated to making your life as a freelancer or business owner both easier and more successful. In this first episode, Anna and Brandon discuss strategies for standing out from the crowd and attracting more clients online. You can download/subscribe at SoundCloud or listen via the media player below.


Show Notes

Part 1: Choosing a Niche (01:25)

If you try to market to everyone, you are likely to fail.
Target niche groups of clients using your Guru services and portfolio.
Choose what you’re good at and what makes you passionate.
See Visual Content Communications’ profile for examples of niche services. (02:32)

Part 2: Introducing Yourself – First Impressions Matter! (03:52)

Your first impression boils down to your services, then your profile.
Create a “wow” moment up front with a unique banner image and profile picture.
Don’t state simply what you do; explain why you’re the best choice.
Show who you are through multimedia such as video and images.
See Avion Technology’s profile to see how they used video to introduce themselves. (05:10)

Part 3: Selling Your Services (05:45)

Sell the benefits of working with you.
List competitive rates, relevant keywords, and attach related Work Collections.
Ask for feedback for a job well done. Feedback adds to your credibility.
View the competition and see how you can improve your service listings.
Share links to your profile on other sites to increase traffic.

Part 4: Being Proactive and Keeping Your Profile Fresh (07:37)

Be active, not passive in your job search.
Update your profile regularly.
Take skill tests. For a limited time, they’re free!
Check your keywords to receive more job matches and invites.
Find jobs and apply.

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