On this edition of the “Work Your Way” podcast, we’re talking about hiring freelancers. Or more specifically, how to write job postings to attract quality freelancers. Listen via the media player below, or you can download/subscribe at SoundCloud.


Anna Bassham, Communications Manager at Guru.com
Brandon Lehman, Support Lead at Guru.com
Mary Elizabeth, job posting processor at Guru.com

Show Notes

Topic 1: State Your Expectations Clearly

  • Describe what you need done. (what to include)
  • Provide a budget, even if it’s just a range.
  • Include a ballpark date for when you want work delivered.

Topic 2: Specify Who Should Apply

Topic 3: Be Credible and Concise

  • Make the job title short and keyword-centric.
  • Check for correct grammar and spelling.
  • Use a legitimate company name and email address (if you have one).
  • Put the most important information up front, not buried halfway down.

Topic 4: Weed Out The Bad

  • Ask freelancers to include a code word in their proposals.
  • Ask freelancers to answer a question in their proposals.
  • Use tactics like these to help you quickly identify which freelancers actually read the description.

Topic 5: Promote Your Job Posting

See Also: Help Center > Posting Jobs

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