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Manage Tasks outside Guru and Payments on Guru


The Employer managed tasks outside Guru on their own Project Management System. However, managing payments for each task manually and securely was an effort for the team.


Time Spent

A lot of time was being consumed in the process of creating individual invoices and making payments.


When making payments to each Freelancer separately, security was a concern.

Enterprise Solution

This Enterprise Solution offered the Employer a secure and convenient way to manage payments.

  • Creating Invoices

    Employer entered amount to be paid for each file in a custom template to create invoices automatically.

  • Securing Invoices

    Invoices created by the Employer could not be edited by the Freelancer.

  • Making Payments

    All unpaid invoices were paid securely at a pre-set time every week.


  • Reduced Operating Costs

    Time taken to create invoices and make payments securely reduced from hours to minutes.

  • Secured Payments

    Employer determines the amount payable. Freelancer cannot edit the invoice.

  • Savings in Freelancing Fees

    Tailor-made, low flat-fee structure helped save on job fees.

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