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38-year Editor Has Your Back!

I'll help you every step of the way from idea to publication and/or anything in between.

Dear Prospective Employer,
I have been a journalist, author and editor for more than 38 years and edited more than 400 books. Many of my clients and former clients are part of the 5,000 on my Facebook and at least 300 of my references are on Linked-In. A few are: The Haven (Ron McDonald); Naughty Ladies Tell Tales (series by Ken Donaldson); The Last Mrs. B (Jackelyn Boyer), and Seeds 4 Change (Laura Dankoff).
I have also been an editor for large companies including Amazon and Media General Inc.
I do not like to charge by the hour as I feel it is unfair to the client who has no way of knowing if I am working on his or her manuscript or someone else’s; but will do so if a client wishes. Instead, I always do Guru Safepay contracts by the job. I usually have two milestones for payment; with very long works I split my bill into three parts.
I base my bids on the amount of work needed. Every edit gets content suggestions as well as all grammar and syntax corrections. When asked, I watch for plot holes, make characters stronger, and help with dialogue as well as scene-setting and moving from small scenes to climaxes that produce memorable endings. All the normal grammar, punctuation, verb-noun tense, and more from a content edit are also included.
I stopped working on this site a couple of years ago because I had steady freelance work for a local newspaper and small publishing company (on line), both of which have since gone out of business. Since I came back to Guru in April 2017 I have done 4 books, and received all 5-Star reviews. My 2011-2012 work on Guru are also posted for your review.
Having more than 12,000 newspaper and magazines bylines myself, I also do short writing pieces, but not as a ghostwriter.
I wouldn't be sending a proposal unless I think I would be a good fit for your job.
Hoping to hear from you soon,
Penny Fletcher

Work Terms

I am open to proposals and negotiable fees depending on the job. My basic page rates are based on 50 page manuscripts or more; with a 50-page minimum. White papers and synopsis and cover work is still a flat $50 even though they are short.

Usually I put in a placeholder bid until I am more familiar with the job and the client and see what he or she really needs. Some people are open to suggestions and some want things done a specific way, so much depends upon that, as I mentioned above. I work in Word with track changes that can come back to you either as a final manuscript or with red-line so you can opt to change any of the "changes" I made, which I will do and then send it one final time in black.

As for writing jobs, my bids usually go by the size and scope of the work involved.