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  • Animation
  • Painting
  • Caricatures
  • Character Design
  • Illustration
  • Portrait Illustration
  • Portrait Painting
  • Sequential Art
  • Storyboarding
  • Videos
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Art
  • Caricature Art
  • Caricature Drawing
  • Character Animation

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  • Animation

    $20/hr Starting at $2,400

    I have an innate sense of design and style, which combined with an in depth training in art and animation lends to a delightful new look to your requirements. I can provide you with animations that will...

  • Storyboard and Sequential Art

    $20/hr Starting at $100

    Having been trained as an animator gives me the right background for sequential art. I have learnt that the crux of any form of sequential art is good story telling. My storyboards and sequences have...

    ArtSequential ArtStoryboardingVideos
  • Character Design

    $20/hr Starting at $70

    I have been working as a character designer for a variety of assignments over the past 5 years.I have dealt with a wide range of subjects and treatments and every time I have designed the best. I am sure...

    AnimationCharacter Design
  • Caricatures

    $10/hr Starting at $60

    Caricaturing is the art of exaggerating and highlighting the personality of the subject. I have been creating caricatures for the past 5 years and every time without fail I have managed to not just satisfy,...

  • Portrait Illustration

    $10/hr Starting at $60

    I am trained in the classical form of art, with firm foundations laid in human anatomy, color theory and creation of form and structure. More importantly, I have an understanding of portraiture as more...

    Acrylic PaintingIllustrationPortrait IllustrationPortrait PaintingWatercolor Artist


Make good and honest art

I am an animator, illustrator and designer working with various clients and assignments over the past 5 years. My work has always been met with appreciation and I have made it a point to maintain honesty and quality in all my work above all else. Having worked with a variety of clients, I believe I understand quite well that every assignment is as important as the other and the need to work as a team and share the vision of my client. I shall speak no further and let my work do the talking.

Work Terms

Each day will be an 8 hour day, with an hourly rate based on the nature of the work (Hourly rates are mentioned in each section of my portfolio). I would prefer on the initial communication happening over skype (my skype id : satyaketavarapu), preferably video chat, following which further communication can be over mail or skype as deemed necessary. I would also prefer to have the work progress checkpoints be decided in advance and adhered to strictly from both sides.

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