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AetherMachines Inc.

Dr. Mike - From Ideas to Implementations

AetherMachines Inc. ( is an 'ideas to implementations' technical creativity company employing Dr. Mike Moore (the Company's doctoral level principal). Beginning with a conceptual/mathematical understanding of the problem, we apply of 'analysis-synthesis' to find intuitive solutions, and applied creativity to bring the solution into being.

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Founded: 2004

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Work Terms

When working within Guru, AetherMachines only uses Guru Safe Pay Escrow and the Project Agreement process. Exterior to, AetherMachines uses purchase order numbers and expects net 30 for products and services.

Employer IP and NDAs
A specific mutual NDA link is available above and shown below. In general, Dr. Mike will only consider NDAs with specific term and terminations (1-5 years).

Due to the fluid and dynamic state of today's technology, and our varied projects and clients, perpetual NDAs are usually too restrictive to contemplate. Employers wishing to use NDAs in Guru projects are encouraged to do the following to properly protect core Employer intellectual property (IP):

1. Use Provisional (1 year) and Regular (up to 20 year) patents for core IP protection and idea documentation, ideally prior to the Guru project
2. Enumerate specific, enforceable terms and terminations (1-5 years) in any NDA for the project
3. Specifically enumerate any Trade Secrets (which can be covered by a perpetual clause in an NDA, given proper Employer/Freelancer diligence) contemplated for the project, by name, in any perpetuity clause