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Minsk, Minsk, Belarus

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Alex Kolonitsky 1

I am neat and quality-oriented Web Engineer with over 10 years of experience in Web Development 5 of which development on JS. Client-focused, professional, clean-technology lover, interested in cutting edge web technologies. Have master’s degree in Computer Science.

I have extensive experience with frontend (Angular 1 & 2, React, ExtJS, Polymer), backend (Express JS,, Koa.js, Seneca, Mean.js) development including interaction with various relation databases (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle) and non relational databases (MongoDB, CouchDB).

Crazy about well-crafted code and delivering best quality solutions/applications. Always looking for new tools to that help to do that fast and smooth (JSDOcs, JSLint, JSHint, Gulp, Grunt, Webpack and variety of other build tools and code validators) and guaranty results with TDD/BDD approaches (QUnit, Jasmine, Selenium, Mocha).

Proficient with pure JavaScript and had in my arsenal such libraries as Prototype JS, MooTools, Knockout, Backbone, JQuery, Dojo Toolkit, Underscore.js, Lodash and number of templating engines Handlebars.js, mustache.js, Jade, EJS, Dust).