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Alin Olteanu

As the great Pablo Picasso would say, "To draw you must close your eyes and sing."

We live in era dominated by exact measurements of time, and because of that, I won't waste yours. Check out my portfolio and website and read more about me at the bottom of this description, but until then let's see exactly why you'll pay me:

Each design I create is unique and takes shape by undergoing through the following stages:

- a full and comprehensive study of your company, target audience, market penetration (are you or are you not present or visible on the market; already a trend setter ? this will greatly influence the design in terms of concept boundaries);
- analysis of the brand identity through the description offered by the client;
- text design proposals and discussions;
- hand-drawn sketches and low detail mockups (no wasted time, after all time is our most valuable resource);
- taking a step back and objectively evaluating the work with the costumer;
- completing final full detailed designs;
- fully detailed mockups;
- delivery of the final product.

Ask me more about *The Logo Package. which includes:

- The Notorious Logo;
- Hand-Picked Colors and Tones;
- Special Typography;
- Logo Animation;
- Icons & Favicons;

Request a consultation for a Brand Package

In terms of design etiquette, quality is ensured through (and the knowledge of these aspects are guaranteed by my foundation degree and personal experience):

- every logo is designed with regard to the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, thus the law of beauty is not only incorporated in the drawing but it is effectively the foundation of the design, every building block of the concept being molded to fit into the greater scheme of the drawing, making it, as a whole, a pleasure to the viewer's eyes, imprinting the design in his brain through sheer beauty, thus the masterpiece will be iconic and memorable;
- the brand scheme of colors is carefully selected, each wavelength of color transmitting the exact values which the company wants to portray.

Alin Olteanu

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A short history and background:

I graduated architecture college and worked for a company that is selling construction products. I'm designing my way through life for a couple of years by now as a hobby and sidequest, while I study law (and at some points in my life have various dayjobs). My passion for design is beyond description. I can design 3D models and Vectors, brand identities & logos, vehicle wrappings, billboards, presentation catalogs, brochures and flyers, to videos, commercials, apps ui/ux, and websites and many more.

If you really want to work on a massive / fast-tracked project with the coolest nerds you'll ever meet, I also got a couple of fellow colleagues with whom I work with from time to time.

Can't wait to hear about your next project !

Alin Olteanu,

I have a flexible schedule, so I can adapt to your time needs and deadlines. I Offer unlimited reviews until you are truly satisfied (not that you'll need any :) but as a guarantee of excellence, the modifications will be unlimited )