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Freelance and self-learning web designer and developer

Freelance and self-learning web designer and developer, as a hobbist since 1998 and professionally since 2003. I embraced web standards long before it was a trend and have a permanent concern and focus on user centered sites design and how to apply technology to enhance user experience and empower them.

Specialist and in love of the basic frameworks of the web: HTML and CSS. PHP/mySQL and JavaScript/JQuery enthusiast.

WordPress is my CMS of preference. I treat it as if someone heard my prayers back in 2000's. Preferred projects: HTML/CSS coding and WordPress themeing

I'm fluent in spanish (native), english and french.

Some examples of my work: - Wordpress theme implementation - Full website design and development in Wordpress + JQuery. - Coding PSD to XHTML/CSS/Javascript

Specialties: User centered web sites and applications, Web standards, XHTML, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, Flash

Work Terms

Availability: 10-15hs per week
Preferred communication: email for requirements, communications; skype or gtalk for day-to-day chats.