Andrey V. Nikolaev

Dolgoprudny, Moskva, Russian Federation

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Andrey V. Nikolaev

Programmer for hire. Good, fast, cheap -- pick any two of three

I've extensive experience with cloud and distributed computing.
I had 4 years engagement as a support leader of MIPT-60 HPC cluster (RedHat based). I set parallel environments, supported users and their code, for 12 years taught students in areas of UNIX programming, parallel programming, HPC. For 3 years I was programmer-researcher in ARCCN, doing prototype code, research and analysis in areas of cloud computing, SDN, different kinds of virtualization. Last two years I was a CTO in HPCHub.
I have extensive experience of part-time and full-time participation in various commercial software development projects. Do tasks in areas of programming, design and performance estimation of software with utilization of GPL code; estimate costs, modify, relaunch software projects in crisis situations.

Special areas of interest are: parallel programming, crossplatform programming, virtualization, advanced distributed storage, low latency networks, cloud computing, projecting and building cloud and HPC environments; advanced human interface devices with direct neural links and composition of above.

I've knowledge in UNIX, Tcl/Tk, Python, C/C++, Qt, MPI, OpenMP, cloud platforms and their customization (OpenStack mostly), advanced distributed storage systems (ceph mostly), different flavors of GNU/Linux distributions (RedHat, CentOS, Gentoo, Ubuntu, etc...), software development control software CVS/RCS, git, bugzilla, github; some experience with SQL databases like MySQL, sqlite, Postgress. I've basic knowledges in perl, java, Matlab, scilab, ruby on rails). I've some experience in embedded systems design. Also I've limited knowledge of modern Windows breeds.

Work Terms

~30 hours week for one project. Other terms to be discussed.