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  • MicroGenio Solutions · Apr 08, 2013

    1st off Ella Swift is a wonderful writer. I couldn't be more pleased with the job she has done. I was extremely happy with her punctuality and planning, for I am currently in Seattle and she is located in Michigan we frequently set up times to talk over the phone and discuss character development and plot point, then by our next conversation she already had valuable input for my script. I love the fact that she has taken to my script as if it was her own. I can tell she enjoys it and care for it just as much as I do. I was really impressed with how much research she do towards the script. From our many conversation, it's clear she spent much time researching ancient china and animal types (the script is and animated martials film that takes place in china). She was also very knowledgeable in movies and stories alike. she was about to connect my script with many of the source material after only one read, making the collaboration process work much better. I am very glad i choose to work with Ella and i hope to work with her again on many more projects

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