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Napier, Western Cape, South Africa

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An experienced programmer with over 20 years experience in C++ and including substantial development in Python, Scala, C#, AS3, Lisp, and Visual Basic. Extensive experience building both back-end, front-end, web and mobile applications with a focus on OpenGL and graphical applications. I've built a number of 2D/3D graphics engines and games. Coming from telecommunications and bioinformatics, I have had both exposure to formal software development and academic software development/prototyping.

Finally, I've spent the last few years building my a 2D/3D engine in C++ and OpenGL. Portable to Mac/Windows/Linux/Android/iOS, it is a full OpenGL 3.2+ engine developed using modern C++11 with an emphasis on procedural generation. Includes a hand-written sound system with a full programmable synthesizer and a toolset for spectral analysis (FFT and function fitting). I have written many canonical computer graphics algorithms including noise, spatial indexing, r-trees, a full SAT-based collision detection system, Delaunay triangulation, and surface extraction.

Work Terms

Monday to Friday, 7am till 7pm. I prefer email communication and do well managing myself.