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Great communication - I get projects done

My values :

I take pride in great communication. I will send you copious amounts of updates throughout the day. I will not leave you wondering "What is going on in my project? Is it moving along?"

I also believe very strongly in finishing a project that I take on. I will work the problem until it is solved. I bid fixed prices for projects. In the past this has led me to end up making small hourly wages when projects involved unexpected work but I pride myself on not asking for more money and completing the job. This has led me to not underbid a project just to win it.

Here is my policy on pricing : I bid on what I think it is worth to me to do the job, not on what I think it is worth to the customer. I find this builds trust in establishing prices. My policy is to not try to gouge a customer; I just don't want to end up making $10/hour. If I can make anything between $35-$50 an hour when all is said and done I'm happy with it. If I think a project is worth $500 I will bid $500. If I think it's really worth $2000 I will bid that.

I prefer to develop relationships based on trust, communication, and respect with customers. I will finish any project I take on for the price agreed, I will communicate with you, and I will not try to gouge you.

I never ask for payment up front.

Work Terms

I'm a freelancer so I don't generally have set hours unless agreed upon in advance. I am always around my phone so you can call or text. Texting is preferred unless it is a scheduled call. I also email quite a bit as well as chat on IM.

On our first projects I will only deliver code upon payment. I never ask for payment up front. Once we get to know each other this rule can be relaxed.