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  • I will create a clean version of a song.

    $10/hr Starting at $25

    I will create a clean version of any song you provide me with. You can send me the song in .mp3, .wav, or .aiff format. I highly recommend you to send the song's instrumental, too, because it makes for...

    Audio EditingAudio EngineeringAudio MasteringAudio MixingAudio Post Production
  • Baseball or Softball Walk Up Music

    $20/hr Starting at $25

    I will create the walk up songs (aka plate music) for your baseball or softball team's hitters and pitchers. All the songs will be clean, playable at any stadium and in front of young audiences. You...

    Audio EngineeringAudio MixingGame MusicMusic ProductionOnline Music


My hobbies consist of playing baseball and editing music. I've been playing baseball my whole life and editing music since 2009. With that being said, I offer my services to you all!

I've been editing music since 2009. It started when me and my buddies created a rap group and messed around with that for a few years. I have no audio training or schooling. Everything I know has been from my own personal research and trial and error. I'm always looking for new techniques and programs to be a more efficient audio editor. In 2010, my teammates on my baseball team put me in charge of putting our pregame, in-game, and post-game playlists together along with the batters and pitchers' walk up songs. They all were dirty, therefore, forcing me to create clean versions. That is when I started in this aspect of audio editing. Listening to my edits from then to now is like night and day. Through trial and error, I've developed my own formula for making songs clean and playable at all venues. Since making those songs for my high school baseball team my sophomore year, I made them the rest of my years in high school and also all 5 years of my college baseball career. I graduated from Davis & Elkins College with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing. I played and had great success on the baseball field as well and had the opportunity to continue my career professionally in New Brunswick, Canada in the NBSBL league. There, as a side hobby, I created a service making clean songs for people. The business has been very good so far so now I'm here hoping to keep that success going.

Work Terms

I have a pretty flexible schedule, I check this daily and have updates sent to my mobile phone and e-mail. The regular payment method through this website is perfectly fine with me, and communication right on this site is fine with me.