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  • Eddie_Fuller1 · Mar 29, 2018

    Works well with our team. Provides useful insight as well as strategic recommendations.

    for Marketing for stock price data system

  • Eddie_Fuller1 · Mar 29, 2018

    Great guy to work with. Really knows his stuff and understands how to market professional services.

    for Marketing for stock price data system

  • chalkstick1 · Nov 28, 2017

    It was nice working with Scott for this quick assignment. Very professional and quality minded person/coach with good attitude. I like when coach says I should not spend on coaching. That is real and true advice for a situation I am in and he passed the test. Will surely work with him when I go further.

    for Business Adviser & Coach for Startup

  • arturo2000 · Nov 08, 2017

    I am so happy I picked Scott to work on this project with me. I have been working with various consultants to get my marketing materials (epically my Pain Points, Differentiators, and Value Proposition) together for years. I had bits here and there, but could not figure out how to organize it and get it into a website blueprint for a designer to implement. Scott took what I had, and got me a giant step in that direction by getting it started for me and giving me several ideas and mock-ups. Even before our session, he emailed me a 25-page PowerPoint with everything laid out and many options. To say I am impressed is an understatement Ari

    for Website concept

  • Peak Business Performance · Oct 26, 2017

    Scott was one of the best business consultants I have ever worked with. This is telling a lot because over the 20 years of my business I have worked with many (and spent a lot of money). He quickly narrowed down to exactly what we need help with. In my case it was very specific help around our value proposition. Not just in the abstract, but actual details that we could take action on right away. He didn’t start at ground zero, but built on the work we had already done in the last 20 weeks. I was really impressed by his sincerely desire to give great value and be of true help, even in an area where many consultants came before him. No upsell, no telling me I needed to focus on something bigger. His sincerity in really wanting our time together to be highly valuable and target at our exact need, at the moment, is not something I am accustomed to with business consultants. He indeed did exactly that. I would say we got 4x5 times the value of what we paid. We are awaiting a proposal for a next step to working with Scott.

    for Marketing assets and concept organizer