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  • Design
  • Software Development
  • App Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Management
  • Database Development
  • Design Process
  • IT Infrastructure Design
  • Programming
  • Server Administration
  • Algorithms
  • Ansible
  • API Development
  • C#
  • Chatbot

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  • Technical Consulting

    $100/hr Starting at $5,000

    The first principle of engineering is to define the problem. Without knowing the problem, how will you identify the right solution that meets your business needs? Cyber Concepts will provide you the technical...

    Concept DevelopmentConsultantDesignDesign ProcessInformation Technology
  • Custom Software Development

    $100/hr Starting at $5,000

    There are many types of software applications, running from your mobile devices, on your desktop, your browser, and on servers. We are well suited to build applications for all of these platforms, with...

    API DevelopmentApp DevelopmentC#Database DevelopmentDesign
  • Cloud Solutions

    $100/hr Starting at $5,000

    Whether your business is starting up and needs a place to run software from, or you’re trying to expand and need cloud services, we have you covered. We design the right cloud infrastructure to meet your...

    App DevelopmentCloud ComputingComputer EngineerCustomer ServiceData Management
  • Machine Learning Solutions

    $100/hr Starting at $5,000

    The challenge of the 21st century is making the right choices, and leveraging machine learning correctly is hard. We provision the infrastructure for securely managing and learning from your data, as...

    AlgorithmsChatbotCloud ApplicationData AnalysisData Management
  • Deployment Solutions

    $100/hr Starting at $5,000

    Most applications and systems can’t satisfy their goals without being deployed to the right platform in a consistent, repeatable, and secure way. Harness our know-how and experience to automate the deployment...

    AnsibleCloud ComputingDesign ProcessDockerIT Infrastructure Design


From Concept to Concrete

Cyber Concepts specializes in helping startups and small companies modernize their cloud. By using lean and agile methods, along with state-of-the-art container technology, we can help you to supercharge your R&D team, ensuring that you can pivot to whatever challenges your startup faces.

Our process starts with a conversation, and ends with performance. We take pride in our ability to work not only with you, but with your development team. This allows us to understand the way they work, so that we can provide the solution that will guarantee success.

DevOps: Ansible, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD pipelining, Linux administration

Development Languages: Python, C#, C++, PostgreSQL, Javascript

QA: Selenium, Jenkins, Gitlab

Machine Learning: Topic Modeling, Sentiment Analysis, Feature Extraction, Text Generation

Founded: 2018

Meet the Team

Work Terms

We have two major areas of offerings, projects and fractional staffing.

On Projects

We first seek to understand and gather requirements from you, the client. Then we propose a solution and the milestones to arrive at the solution along with the technical plan. This also helps identify effective back and forth communication.

An agreement for a payment schedule and deliverables will is reached and we begin implementation. Milestone are reviewed with you and until the point of project delivery is reached.

On fractional staffing

We understand that startups and small companies have need of expert technical skills but cannot sustain the cost of employing those expert skills, especially during the pre-seed through series A stages.

For this we accept flexible terms that will make our expertise available to you. We would agree to be available for you and work with you in advisory, strategy, infrastructure and development roles for all software needs.