Damian Smith - Writer/Comic

Kingsgrove, New South Wales, Australia

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Damian Smith - Writer/Comic


Damian Smith is a social and political commentator, author, speaker and - stretching the definition of the term - a "comedian".?

Bold and uncompromising, Damian's comedy is acerbic, witty and evocative. Never content with the cheap laughs, Damian's hilarious insight and observation take audiences on a journey to places they never thought possible, leaving their sides aching and their spirits empowered.?

Adhering to a stern maxim of "laughter is the vessel, not the destination" Damian uses humour and wit to make a broader point, in the tradition of Hicks, Bruce, Pryor, Chase and Aristophanes before him. He is NOT a mainstream comedian*. If you like the comedy you see on television, you will hate what he does and he strongly urges you to not come to his show. But if you've ever watched a TV gala and thought to yourself "is that all there is?" then this is what you've been waiting for.

Damian doesn't play by your rules and is content to begin a sentence with a preposition.

Best known as a speaker and public persona for mental health, particularly Asperger's and autism, Damian's hit one man show "I'm Here All Weak" has been hailed by audiences as "life changing" and "and inspiring message of hope".

Damian is also a noted political commentator and editorial writer, his somewhat contrarian nature making him sought after in the independent media, he currently holds the most popular article in the history of the Australian Independent Media Network.

Salient, intelligent and sometimes witty. Often dark, occasionally whimsical, Damian points out the humour and absurdity in all aspects of life.