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Daryl Paul Fagala

Automation and mistake-proofing through custom sophisticated Excel applications.

I’ve been developing Excel applications for slightly over 20 years. I started in earnest back in March 1998 when I repatriated from a 2 ½-year assignment with Exxon in Baku, Azerbaijan to Florham Park, New Jersey. There I joined a new center of expertise for expatriate administration handling assignments to the Americas.

As with most new organizations, staffing estimates had been kept lean, which upper management always likes. In this case, it took less than a week for me to realize I had to do something drastic to survive until it was politically more expedient to add people.

At that point, my knowledge of Excel was peripheral at best. However, I’d known a few Excel gurus who accomplished some amazing efficiencies, and considering the complete absence of other ideas, I committed to learn as much as I could as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, my wife had remained in Baku for a couple of months while her son completed the international school term. With no compelling reason to make an appearance at home, I spent every possible snatch of time frantically searching for ways Excel could help make things better.

To cut to the chase, when my wife joined me Excel and I had tamed the savage job, not to the virtual cakewalk it morphed into a couple of months later, but at least to the point where I wasn’t constantly in fear of its killing me. After a couple of well-deserved (really) off days I found myself getting right back on my Excel learning curve, which had a somewhat more reasonable gradient by now. I could have just been grateful for its help and forgotten about it, except for one thing: the realization that an investment of an admittedly grueling two months had equipped me with skills to not only survive in a job, but to flourish.

Even after twenty-plus years, I love Excel because it saved my professional life and made it so much more enjoyable and rewarding. And that reward is even greater when it can help me do the same thing for a client.

Work Terms

• Any deficiencies in the formulas or code of the application attributable to the
developer will be resolved without charge for the life of the application.

• Should unforeseeable and/or unavoidable obstacles threaten delivery as
promised, notify the client immediately.

• Advise the client of any known potential compatibility issues between the
Excel versions of the client and developer.

• Always deliver the most sophisticated, user-friendly and efficient application
possible considering the time requirement.

• Offer paid post-completion documentation and/or instructions on request.

• Provide free support for clients who opted for the above-mentioned
documentation and/or instructions.

• Provide paid support for clients who did not opt for the above-mentioned
documentation and/or instructions for half the hourly rate in force for the
project, or for a negotiated hourly rate for lump sum projects.

• Do not potentially waste a client’s time by accepting a project without 100%
certainty that it will be delivered as promised.

• The party who pays gets to be boss.

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