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We connect your online services

What do we do? We move data!

DH2T™ is a specialized service for data transportation—and transformation.
There is a wealth of useful data available on the internet, but when it comes time to choose the method of converting this data into a useful format, you are faced with an overwhelming array of choices. Some may even be tempted to give up the search for a technological solution and do these conversions manually—or hire someone to do it for them, on a case-by-case basis.

DH2T™ can offer you something better.

At DH2T™ we build you a virtual Data Mover™, based on a personal consultation to establish your precise requirements. What makes our system truly innovative is that it eliminates the need to maintain your own system. It is also truly expandable. Every time you need to add a new data type or format, all we need to do is plug in a new component to your Data Mover.

DH2T™ E-Commerce

Are you setting up a new e-commerce store? Do you have existing stores that you'd like to automate? Perhaps you are tired of managing CSV and XML files from your supplier. The format isn't right or you need to adjust prices each time a nightly file is generated. Importing images is slow and takes longer the more products you add. Every order needs to be sent to your supplier to fulfill. Editing spreadsheets and sending files back and forth takes a lot of time out of your day that can be spent keeping your store awesome. We can make all of this easier.

We connect suppliers to stores and keep them fresh. We take care of the technical issues because that's what we love doing. Our innovative platform has been built from the ground up to manage e-commerce data. Supplier data offline? Supplier images temporarily missing? API metering? No problem!

Our cost-effective Standard Curation package connects a single supplier's data feed to your store and keeps it fresh 24/7. We also provide boosters to help with those hard-to-solve problems.

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