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  • Versatile creative writer

    $22/hr Starting at $25

    As a freelancer I've completed a variety projects ranging from love letters to ghostwritten novels. As a writer, my lifelong passion expresses itself in a diverse collection of books, stories and screenplays...

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Transform the visions in your mind to words that dance on the page.

A gifted muse of words, I wear many hats, including creative writer, published author, screenwriter, freelancer, collaborator, and ghostwriter.

My publishing credits include The Samsara Chronicles, Books 1 & 2, Kiyama, Scirotica 1, 2, 3, Sandcastles, and a short story in the sci-fi anthology, Voices of Imagination. Many of my short stories have also appeared on various websites. I collaborated on the script for "A Timeless Journeyā€¯, an informational documentary for the Naval Research Laboratory in the United States.

I have also completed over 800 jobs as a freelance writer from bios to books for clients around the world. Many of these projects included improving the English of non-native speakers. I've lived in the UK, US, and Canada, and am cognizant of language differences.

Many of my freelance jobs have involved both fiction and non-fiction books. Recent projects include a three-year reincarnation-based novel collaboration, a controversial-themed novel, mentoring a disabled client through two book projects, and the edit of a client's fantasy/romance series. Past projects have included several fiction books, and autobiographical novels for an abuse survivor, a stalking survivor, and a woman who underwent weight loss surgery.

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I'm fast, flexible, and easy to reach via email or phone. I enjoy collaboration and discussion.

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