Dorde Popovic

Zrenjanin, Vojvodina, Serbia

Yearly Stats: $890 Earned |

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Dorde Popovic

I love my job, I enjoy in my office, my colleagues are my friends and that is not a dream.

Actually, I do not work. I am only paid for my hobby.
Hobby is what I want to do, not what I need to do.

Photography was my first love. We had so much fun together. We went to amazing places and we saw some very impressive things. Sometimes we went to a regular places and we made normal things to look amazing and impressive. We have bought a lot of equipment to improve our relationship and we even considered spending our lives together. It was perfect...

After years of our very dedicated relationship I met videography. Somehow, as more as I learned about her I felt more curious. She opened me a similar door, but whole new world behind it. And than I started to cheat...
Yes, I admit it. I cheated a lot. But it was so good, believe me. I enjoyed in every filming, we spent so many sleepless nights in video editing and I still cherish every frame per second of our strong connection and high definition.

Years and years have passed and I am still in between.
I'm still in love with that vast possibilities, size and usage of my dear photography, but I simply can't resist those moves in videography and power over facts that video editing gives me.
Luckily, they are not jealous of each other. They do not mind me doing both!

It's not that I am greedy, it's just that I met 3D animation recently. She seems very interesting but she speaks another language. For now we are just friends, I am learning new words every day, and who knows... In a few years, I might ask her for a date.

In the meanwhile, whatever you do or own, me and my girls will make it amazing.

Work Terms

I like short projects but I am always eager for longer term bids, on a 4-6 hours daily basis. We can communicate via guru, skype, email, trello, mobile phone, fax, trained pigeons and smoke signals. What ever you prefer, as long as it's clear to everyone involved.