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At #DPH we are web designers, videographers, printers, and graphic artists. But above all else we are business development consultants. We make sales happen!

When a business hires a freelancer to create a new website, update their social media, or shoot a video, there is a vague idea that if they can find the right person – sales will happen. Businesses put a lot of time and effort into trying new things, but there is seldom a coordinated approach to bring it all together.

If you launch a new website, regardless of how much you pay, you can’t expect to see new leads and sales coming in, unless that website is part of an overall marketing strategy. Google ranks websites based on several factors including how often they are updated, the quality of keywords and content on the site, and other dynamic variables. Design alone will never generate a return on your business investment.

DPH is a branding agency. We build business models and use digital and traditional media to create campaigns. Our objective is to avoid executing any marketing effort on behalf of our clients without a reason to back it up. Owners are always looking for a solution to a lack of new business, and it often involves a series of stabs in the dark. When they hire a video guy to film a commercial, if the commercial brings in a few leads they hire him again. If not, they might try a new website or social media. Their sales staff is working all the time, but the marketing can be sporadic, and results vary.

As a branding agency, we have the capacity to build websites and apps, manage pay per click campaigns, film videos, manage social media, send mass emails, shoot product photos, etc. But our greatest contribution to your success is our understanding of how these disciplines combine, to help your business reach its ultimate potential.

Founded: 2003