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Writing things people like to read.

My name is Steve. People often mistake me for someone named Josh, which is just ridiculous. You can call me man, dude, buddy or chief -- but please don't call me Josh.

Personally speaking, I am married (to the best woman on Earth) and have with two children whom I love very much in spite of their flaws. After all, we all have our flaws, right? Don't tell me yours, and I won't tell you mine! Also occupying our residence are three very furry and rambunctious dogs, who are perfect in every way. Okay, maybe not so much. But they're very lovable in their own right.

Professionally, I have over 20 years prior history as a copywriter/editor and journalist, including work for major corporations as a salaried employee and as a freelancer. The 20 years is no BS -- I know I don't look a day over 30, but I've been kicking around for 44 years and change. My specialties include anything requiring creative spark -- ad copy or marketing collateral, web content, public relations, letters ... Nasty letters to large corporations are my favorite, however my cover letters are awesome too, and more persuasive than belligerent for sure. I have also written over 100 magazine articles, published two books (one non-fiction and one fiction) and written several screenplays. No blockbusters, unfortunately. Oh, and I also once wrote a children's picture book manuscript, though have never really got around to shopping it. I think it's quite good, but who knows ...

My education includes a BS in English/Creative Writing from Vanderbilt University (1996) and an MS in Nutrition Science from UAB (2012).

You may rest assured that my personal standards of excellence are very high indeed. I have never missed a deadline in my entire career, and never turned in mediocre work, probably because I'm terrified of failure and disappointment. I look forward to exceeding your every expectation, and perhaps even your wildest dream. Thanks again,


Work Terms

I have a day job, so the freelancing is part-time. 10-20 hours/week maximum. Unless it's something really inspired, for which I want to make an exception.

I prefer to go old-school with communications -- handwritten letters, ideally with quill/ink on parchment, delivered by horseman, or as required, horsemen (armed). Seriously though, I like e-mail. Good at typing with 10 fingers on a full-sized keyboard, not so much on a phone. And don't really like talking on the phone either, I'm sorry. Will do it of course, if the client insists, but usually not the best use of anyone's time.