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  • Redboots4u · Oct 02, 2019

    This is a must-read review: If you see this comment you are reading Gamix2 profile. You will see my name appears a lot. That is because we been working together for months. This platform is not where he, Sagar the CEO of Gamix2 finds most of his clients but he does come in every now and then by request and will work with someone one. I was fortunate enough he agreed to work with me when we met here in guru by coincident. We have established a long-term relationship. With that said, I can repeat all the amazing things I said about this company in my previous posts but it would only be repetitive. However, there is one thing I have not said that about Sagar, I feel is extremely important. I will say it now. As you know getting a digital game created is very expensive. I did not think it was possible because other companies I contacted refused to set up a payment plan, which is the only way I could afford this service. I wanted for years to have this game created for my young students. Gamix2, the CEO made it affordable for me to own my first digital game. Sagar made it possible for me by agreeing to a monthly payment plan that complemented both our situations. Do not hesitate contacting Gamix2 for your technical game needs. I believe, IF IT IS POSSIBLE, Sagar and his team will work it out with you to make it affordable for the both of you. Gamix2 technical skills are excellent, their creativity is great, and Sagar is very patience and his people skills are awesome! He has great character and personality. He will not cheat you and always listen to your ideas. TY Team Gamix2, you made my dream a reality!

    for Vowel Game For kids 3-7 years old

  • Redboots4u · Aug 02, 2019

    2SGamix is brilliant when it comes to games that you want integrated with other products you have. Making a game is not easy but when you request it has to be created so it is connected to products you already produced, it is more difficult! They took on this assignment and never let me down! Thank You 2SGamix

    for Vowel Game For kids 3-7 years old

  • Redboots4u · Jul 09, 2019

    I am in the making of the second half of my game for children with 2SGamix. Sagar is doing an amazing Job. I really can't say much more about his work - IT IS ABSOLUTELY PROFESSIONAL AND SUPER CREATIVE!!! THANK 2SGamix!!! Your team is one of the very best in guru!!!

    for Vowel Game For kids 3-7 years old

  • Pleb Tech · Jul 04, 2019

    I just finished a 3 month project with 2SGamix, and I'm very happy with the result. Professional, thorough, and makes sure you're satisfied. I can highly recommend 2SGamix if you're looking for creative and high quality design.

    for Complete UI design of mobile 2D game

  • Redboots4u · Jun 07, 2019

    I am still working with 2SGamix . As with other jobs they have done for me - I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THEIR WORK! IT IS AMAZING WHAT THEY CAeN DO TO REACH 'MY' GOAL!!! I have all int

    for Vowel Game For kids 3-7 years old

  • Redboots4u · May 15, 2019

    They do everything with patience and lots of creativity with one goal in mind, to reach perfection!!! I am enjoying working with this company.

    for Vowel Game For kids 3-7 years old

  • Martin A. · May 06, 2019

    Awesome work. Very fast and professional delivery! We can recommend this guy.

    for Interface Design of an adult quiz game

  • Redboots4u · May 01, 2019

    2SGamix is so highly skilled you will never think of using any other company for your animation and game creations. 2SGamix is very affordable and they go beyond their requirements for a project to make sure you have the best presentation for your work! 2SGamix has proven to me their knowledge in computer games development and design, game programming and software engineering is amazing and highly proficient. I been a member of Guru for many years. I can undeniably say this company is one of Guru’s best if not the best they have to offer. I look forward to them creating all my games and having a long term relationship with this company!

    for Create four formats for two stories

  • Redboots4u · Apr 07, 2019

    Talented, very professional, creative, prompt, affordable, reliable and always willing to go an extra mile to please their client. They also are very good at communicating in written and verbal English that makes it is for me and helps me to avoid spending a lot of time repeating my instructions. I do believe, 2sgamix and I will have a long term professionals relationship! I highly recommend them for your projects.

    for Converted Flash with Animate CC to HTML5

  • Redboots4u · Apr 04, 2019

    This payment was a bonus for this employee. He has an outstanding persona, patient, highly skilled and professional! That is why I have used him more than once! You will not unhappy or dissatisfy with his work. Thank you 2SGamix!! :D

    for Converted Flash with Animate CC to HTML5

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