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Mt. Tabor, New Jersey, United States

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Ginger Beard, LLC

Strategic, Creative, Results-oriented Marketing

Why Ginger Beard?

We can throw a bunch of numbers at you about market share, unique visitors, and increased sales, but so can every other agency on the block. In this business, numbers can be manipulated and stories spun to tell any story the agency likes. So here’s the no BS version of why you should hire Ginger Beard:

* Ginger Beard is a small ad agency
* Small agencies have lower rates than big ones
* Lower rates mean you can maximize your marketing budget
* Great work can be done no matter what size your budget is
* Ginger Beard does great work

What Ginger Beard believes:

* That consumers should be spoken to as real-life, human people—not robots
* That great creative work can help move the needle
* That B2B should be called P2P
* That data and research are invaluable tools for crafting great campaigns
* That in today’s world, brevity is the soul of communications
* That business jargon has no place in advertising
* That the Foo Fighters are America’s best rock ‘n roll band

What's with the name?

“As the sole employee (for now) of Ginger Beard, I needed a name that sold me. Unfortunately, “Stocky Bald Guy, LLC” was taken. So I went home to my 2 red-headed boys and beautiful ginger-haired wife and…EUREKA! The name came to me.

I wish there was a “sexier,” story involving marketing analytics, research, and maybe a dragon. But that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

~Dan Barry | Owner, Creative Director

Founded: 2017

Work Terms

9-5 EST