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Beaverton, Oregon, United States

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Ginger Coleen

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Born in California, I’ve lived in the Ozarks, Pacific Northwest, Florida, and Texas. I love living in the country and enjoying all that nature has to offer.

I also love classic cars and drove a 1969 Cutlass for many years. These days I prefer a pickup truck! They are great for carrying all those bargains from the auction house! Bargain hunting at yard sales and auctions has always been a fun thing to do.

My father took me fishing as a child and I learned to love nature and fishing on those outings. We had a family cabin in Northern California and spent at least 1 week every summer there enjoying nature. I feel most at peace when I am in nature.

I have a curiosity about life that has led me to read many books on a variety of topics. I absolutely love to learn. At this stage in my life, I often tell people that I’m a jack of all trades – master of some. Some of my most valued learning’s have been in computer hardware and software, nutrition and wellness, self help, web design, internet marketing, gardening, spiritual development and do-it-yourself projects.

I am also well versed in many areas simply from daily exposure. For example, my father was a brilliant insurance salesman who loved to talk. Over the years he taught me a great deal about the insurance industry. Additionally, I worked as a legal secretary for a few years and became well acquainted with the legal system, terminology and behind-the-scenes aspects of the law. Regardless of what environment I’m in, I seem to soak up what’s around me.

There just never seems to be a day that goes by that I don’t go online to look up how to do something. I spend a great deal of my time reading, learning and exploring online. It’s absolutely amazing to have the “world library” and much more than any library ever held, at my fingertips. So, yes, I am an information junkie!

Creativity and helping others are two areas in which I thrive. Both offer up a feeling of accomplishment that sustains me in a positive

Work Terms

Somewhat of a night owl and flexible on work days but you will never find me up and about before about 10:00AM CST. You can contact me through email, Facebook or Skype.