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  • Feliciano_A · Aug 30, 2021

    Once again Illia delivered a home run... We are proud Illia's work and his knowledge. Don't hesitate to reach out for a referral from us...

    for Web development

  • Steve Banzai · Aug 27, 2021

    I know this may sound over the top, but Illia is the best developer I have contracted. He will be getting all of our work. He is willing and able to help the client as per their specific needs. Most developers want you to do it their way without truly understanding the client's wishes or needs. Illia does not fight over requests. He is an amazing find.

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  • Feliciano_A · Aug 23, 2021

    Illia has been great to work with. We definitely recommend his services you won't be disappointed...

    for Web development

  • John 3299 · Aug 10, 2021

    Thanks Illia, looking forward to seeing the design visuals next step.

    for App to assist umpires

  • Feliciano_A · Aug 10, 2021

    Without our web deleloper and backend expert, Illia, our business would not be possible. He is literally an extension of our business.. we have made the best choice in working with him .... THANK YOU!!!!

    for Web development

  • Steve Banzai · Aug 09, 2021

    Illia has done excellent work.

    for Counseling platform for non-profit-

  • Feliciano_A · Aug 03, 2021

    We want to thank Illia for being patient with our vision... Even though we just started our partnership he succeeds our expectations ......

    for Web development

  • Steve Banzai · Aug 02, 2021

    This payment was related to our first milestone. Most clients will probably praise their freelancer for their excellent coding. Illia is an excellent coder to be sure, but I appreciate his integrity that he continues to work to honor our agreement even I released some funds early. I do not know many freelancers that honor agreements once payment has been released. I appreciate Illia both as a coder and a man of integrity.

    for Counseling platform for non-profit-

  • Steve Banzai · Jul 22, 2021

    Illia, did a wonderful job and we are still using him. He is fast, diligent and trys to give his best work. I appreciate that he doesn't give up when some of the coding effort is difficult but keeps working until he gets it right and of professional value for the client.

    for Counseling platform for non-profit-

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