IRS Enrolled Agent & Tax Law Expert

Farmington, New Hampshire, United States

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IRS Enrolled Agent & Tax Law Expert

Specialize in Non-Filers and IRS and State Tax Collection Cases Former IRS Revenue Officer IRS EA Serving tax clients nationwide since 1991 Serving tax clients worldwide since 2001

Former IRS Revenue Officer with a Masters Degree in US Tax Laws
IRS Enrolled Agent

US Federal & State Corporation Tax preparation
US Federal & State S Corporation Tax preparation
US Federal & State Partnership Tax preparation

Limited Liability Company
Single Member
Multi member

1040 High net Worth
1040 Expatriate Returns (Citizens living overseas)

IRS Tax Matters
Tax Audits
Audit Reconsideration
Collection matters
Non-Filer cases
Innocent Spouse Cases

** Any tax service NOT listed here please contact us as it will be probably available but i can NOT list every possible tax services available *

** IRS Collection Matters OUR Specialty as a Former IRS Revenue Officer !!!

Founded: 1991

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