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  • 3D
  • Analytics
  • Design
  • Electrical
  • Heating
  • Mechanical
  • Mechatronics
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Motion Graphics
  • Simulation
  • Software Design
  • System Automation


  • Mechanical Engineer

    $25/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Broad range of Mechanical Design including automation, pneumatic/hydraulic, control systems, advanced CAD design including complex assemblies and motion, detailing, manufacturability, Fluid Dynamics and...



My mission is to use our resources-Yours and Mine- effectively and efficiently to create robust designs using a range of technical tools- simulation, CAD, analytics and experience.

I am a mechanical engineer whose interests and skills are at the intersection of 3D mechanical design, analytical modeling, simulation and development. I completed my 4 year bachelors of mechanical engineering at Calvin College, in Grand Rapids, MI in 2016 and have been successfully dreaming up solutions to problems far before that. I have experience in the packaging industry- lots of sheet metal part design and automation at high turnover rates, and am currently at work doing R&D in the aerospace and defense industries- mostly process development and highly concentrated design.

My natural tendencies are towards leadership and vision- taking control of a project and finding the most effective path towards execution. I find satisfaction in maintaining a balance between the abstract- did I mention I'm a dreamer? -and the concrete aspects of design- manufacturability, optimization, application.
Given the chance, I will do whatever it takes to get you from concept to a working product.

Work Terms

Highly Flexible- just ask for specific arrangements dependent on timeline.