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Growing up, my father was an engineer so I had a natural curiosity about how things worked. I got my first computer in the 8th grade and developed a passion for computer programming. My father wanted me to study computer science in college so naturally, I decided I wanted to be a designer and went to art school.

After completing 4 years of a fine arts program at the University of New Mexico, I started spending my free time on online information systems like AOL and Prodigy. This lead me to teach myself to develop web sites as the Internet became more prevalent. Using that knowledge, I spent the next 6 years working in computer networking primarily in the ISP and Telecom industries.

After the ISP industry went through a great deal of consolidation in 2003, I returned to my first love--computer programming. Over the next 14 years, I've worked in various development roles with increasing levels of responsibility. During that time, I primarily focused on web application design and development and I've worked in various industries including real estate, ecommerce, media, healthcare and finance. As the former CTO of a small software company I gained exposure to various other aspects of the business such recruiting and managing a team, managing vendors, budgeting and more.

As a founding partner of Ziggurat Media, a digital media company, I'm very interested in how the Internet can help build community and improve the quality of our lives. I'm particularly interested in mobile, deep interest social networks, and VR.

My technical skills are varied by include PHP, Python, Django, Angular 2, HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, Java, server management, cloud hosting, solutions architecture, and business requirements. I leverage my background in fine art extensively when developing user interfaces.

I am available to consult on projects and have a preference for working to help micro enterprises and small companies level the playing field.

Work Terms

I tend to work long days with periods of work interspersed with downtime. I liken my work style to being similar to High Intensity Interval Training. I tend to be a night owl and work in large blocks primarily in the evenings and Sundays.

I'm flexible on payment terms with a preference for settling on terms that our mutually beneficial to both parties. I'm also open to equity and other types of arrangement as part of my payment.

While I am available by phone, I prefer to communicate by email. I like to have time to think about a question or a problem and formulate a solution. I also prefer to have a written trail of conversations so that future misunderstandings can be avoided and everyone has a record of what has been discussed, what solutions were decided upon and what risks were involved.