Joe M. Ruiz

Watkinsville, Georgia, United States

Yearly Stats: $1,200 Earned |

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Joe M. Ruiz

Professional illustrator and artist with over 25 years of experience!

Making art and illustration is all I do. I've been illustrating on the side going all the way back to high school. With the advent of online freelance sites like this one I've been able to devote myself to it full time. Some of the jobs I've done before are:

Board Game Design
Package Illustration and Design
Children's Book Illustration
Logo and Mascot Design
Web-page Banner Designs
Adult Humorous Illustration
Medical Illustration

As a classically trained artist I understand color, design, structure and balance. Structure & balance are key to good layout and flow of the idea. When an illustration or design has good balance and structure; it shows, if it doesn't, that shows too.

I am not the cheapest illustrator you’re going to find but whatever we collaborate on will always leave you pleased!

Work Terms

I prefer to get paid per job instead of hourly. I have done both, but I think hourly ends up being more work for both of us, so I shy away from it. But if it's absolutely necessary I can do that too.

I prefer to communicate often so that I am clear on what you need and you feel comfortable with my progress. This is the only way I know of ensuring that the final work is completed in a way that makes you as pleased as possible.

I am on the east coast of the USA (EST Time) and typically work early in the morning until mid afternoon. If a project requires it I can work part time over the weekend but typically try to avoid it.