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  • API
  • OAuth
  • Programming
  • Twitter API
  • Google Apps
  • Node.js
  • Twilio API
  • VBA
  • VBA Programming
  • Xero
  • XML
  • Amazon
  • Amazon API
  • Analysis
  • ASP

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  • Excel, Outlook, Word VBA & Macros

    $65/hr Starting at $25

    Excel is a complete programming platform that integrates well with databases and XML. I can create new programs within Excel or maintain and troubleshoot existing applications. In addition, I can automate...

    APIEbay Web ServicesExcelGoogle AppsGoogle Cloud
  • XML / XSLT Programming

    $65/hr Starting at $65

    Using XML with XSLT provides the ultimate separation between data and presentation (or model and view if you prefer). XSLT harnesses the power of XML-based web services called from the server or from...

    AmazonAnalysisASPASP.NETData Validation
  • Geographical Application GIS Programming

    $65/hr Starting at $65

    I can help with your GPS-related applications. I know the ESRI API, Google API, and distance calculations such as Haversine and Spherical Law of Cosines.

  • Web APIs / Web Site Integration

    $65/hr Starting at $25

    Integration of Web APIs with scripts, programs, spreadsheets and documents. For reports, automatic monitors, data collecting, scraping, and other applications.

    Amazon APIAPIeBay APIGoogle Analytics APIGoogle Apps


Application Architect / Systems Integrator specializing in aligning technology with organizational goals and objectives.

Senior Technology Consultant with 30 years experience in the design and implementation of software applications. Expertise across diverse industries including Federal, Telecommunications, Financial, Science/Engineering, ranging from startups to large corporations. Extensive experience guiding customers as they move to new technologies and new implementation paradigms.

Specialties: Application Architecture, Web Services, XML/XSLT/XSD and related, Mashups (consuming Web Services), Cloud Automation, Cloud Applications, Proofs of Concept, Predictable Processes, Intelligent Search Applications, Application Migrations, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Office Automation.

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Work Terms

Flexible. I prefer short-term assignments (hours, days, weeks) over long-term (months, years).