Justin Turner

Beebe, Arkansas, United States

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Justin Turner

I will do everything to the best of my ability, and there is no such thing as a maybe in life, because in the end you will either have done it or not! Your brand is like a beating heart.

I have many years experience with many different information technology services, and am willing to go great lengths and hours for single or multi projects. I have worked with very complex server management projects. Many include data migration with thousands of files. I have developed in many languages of programming, and those include HTML, Java, MySQL, CSS3, and bits and pieces of PHP. I have worked cross platform with WYSIWYG ( CMS - Content Management System ) these go to include WordPress, Drupal, and WIKI as well as many more. I work multi platform with digital designing, and that software includes all of Adobe Creative Suite ( Photoshop, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Audition, and many more ). I also work with Sony Vegas to do a lot of template edits, and video edits to make sure my videos are crisp clean and ready for the public to see. I take my image very seriously as will i take many of my employers. I want my brand to be known for the best it can be, and that is why i live by " there is no such thing as a maybe in life, because in the end you will have done it or not ". Many of these are the reasons I have done a lot of public events ( Environmental and Spatial Technologies ) or EAST presentations completed 4 years of the course. I have taught a 90 Minute class covering Linux and its benefits in the education system and won a presenter award. Lead many classes in the public education system about web development and its push in the future, and taught about why owning a business and being in the business market will help your economic push and public footprint. This is why I believe brand names and public image as well as how you treat your customers are 90% of your income, and 10% are your services.

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