Kathryn Nevin (Kathira)

Wilmington, Delaware, United States

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Kathryn Nevin (Kathira)

My goal is to provide exceptional editing and rewriting services under budget and on time.

I have a passion for language since childhood that spans over 20 years of editing and proofreading experience. My first love has always been poetry, and I have been fortunate to become published in several journals and magazines. My early grounding in language and literature led me to study English as an undergraduate at Swarthmore College, and extended into graduate work at Indiana University, Bloomington. I also became fluent in Spanish and lived in worked in Spain for a few years. When I became interested in the connection between language/literature and psychological health, I obtained a Master's degree in Social Work from Widener University. Given my experience as a mental health clinician, I have a particular ability to provide editorial services to mental health professionals and social justice organizations. I currently own my own online editing business, Eagle-Eye Editing: http://www.facebook.com/eagle.editing.

In addition to all of the above, I'm a huge fan of Cesar Milan and feel strongly about animal rights and preventing animal cruelty. I enjoy learning about canine behavior, training, and well-being. I just love dogs, especially "mutts."

I also find myself drawn to matters of religion and spirituality, as well as how these factors manifest themselves in various cultures and international political or governmental relationships. I am particularly interested in the Abrahamic faiths and quite passionate about fostering positive inter-faith relations.

Work Terms

My hours of operation tend to follow more of a swing-shift pattern. That is, I am typically available early morning and late afternoon/evening. The best way to contact me is via email, kaypolar@yahoo.com OR klnproofer@gmail.com, as I check my email regularly. I prefer to work in Word documents. Although I am able to produce brief documents very quickly, I require a more flexible deadline for long and involved projects, such as novels, books, and other lengthy documents. I find that works of fiction, in particular, call for a deeper level of attention in order to do them justice.

At my online business, Eagle-Eye Editing (http://www.facebook.com/eagle.editing), rather than charge by the hour, I charge by page for documents over 5 pages. I find that to be a more measurable means of work. Because I work by the page, it is important to note that my initial cost estimate could vary (up or down) depending on the level of complexity that your document presents once I receive it and am able to assess it thoroughly. If every page requires intensive re-wording vs. simple grammatical or punctuation changes, the price per page will reflect that. On the other hand, I may assess your document and realize it will be "a breeze," in which case I will certainly lower the page rate accordingly. Page rates could be as low as $2 or as high as $5, depending on the level of repair needed. A typical rate is $3 per page, and I use this rate to provide an initial estimate.

I'm happy to provide a CV and/or a sample edit of one page of your work upon request.